Do I really need an event planner? Isn’t it just spending more money on an already expensive event? You may be wondering about the benefits of hiring an experienced event planner and whether the cost is justified, and that is a perfectly fair question. Here are some of the advantages of hiring Eventfully Yours.


No stress! Shani & Ilan’s professional experience is all you need to enjoy your affair hassle-free. Allow us to hold your hand from the very start of the planning until your last guest leaves the event. We are with you every step of the way! Eventfully Yours is ready to create the best-planned event you’ve been waiting for.


Full service event planning includes budget planning, time management, site selection, theme designs, vendor selection and on-site supervision of the entire event. We make referrals to beauty salons, make-up artists, jugglers & magicians and make arrangements for transportation and accommodations as necessary. Our packages are tailor-made to accommodate your every desire, even those items you haven’t yet thought of. It’s one stop shopping.

Site Selection

Beautiful desert wedding? Sheva berachot in a luxurious five star hotel? Shabbat Chatan at a kibbutz in the Judean Hills? Bat Mitzvah in a children’s orphanage or a Bar Mitzvah on the beach of Caeserea? Shani & Ilan have personally viewed numerous event venues. They can suggest the perfect location for the 800 guest gala, the intimate and elegant small gathering, or the rooftop BBQ. Whether your taste runs to fun and artsy, traditional, or anywhere in between, Eventfully Yours makes your dream destination party a dream come true.

Vendor Coordination

Having developed an excellent working relationship with top vendors, we eliminate that stressful search for you. Choosing a florist, linens, rentals, musicians, a caterer, photographers and videographers is made much easier. It is our prime responsibility to coordinate the arrival and service of all vendors on the day of the event to ensure that your affair runs smoothly!


Our creativity makes your affair unique and memorable. We use everything this special country has to offer to your best advantage. Have your own ideas? Great! Let’s mix it up!


We’ll save you time and money in addition to eliminating stress! We will handle all service contracts, maintain financial records and review billing submitted by vendors. Experience has taught us how to negotiate the best value for your money. Allow us to read the fine print and make necessary amendments in your interest. An Eventfully Yours associate will be easy to reach by phone or email to handle any complications, should they arise.

Problem Resolution

Quick and clever, we’re the best ever! We’re trained to think on our feet, finding creative and efficient answers to those unexpected crises that sometimes threaten to spoil your event. We are ready to handle any unforeseen emergencies in a knowledgeable and professional manner so that you remain stress-free. Only after the event, long after the problem was fixed, will you hear about the mishap – so we can laugh it out together.

Money Saving

You will get the finest quality for the most reasonable price. That’s how we roll. Working with us will eliminate those overwhelming moments. We review contracts to make sure there are no hidden costs. We do our best to negotiate the best value for your money, leaving you with that extra money to come back to Israel again soon!

Looking forward to making your event a success!
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